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The boy in the striped pyjamas

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The boy in the striped pyjamas

Imagine that you don’t know the difference between right or wrong. A boy called Bruno is a son of a German Commander. They move to a new house near a concentration camp. Bruno has to get use to the idea that there are no kids in the neighbourhood. Bruno is an explorer and doesn’t listen to his father. Bruno goes to the camp and meets a Jewish boy called Shmuel. Bruno doesn’t know that the boy is trapped in the camp. And after the boy told him that he was a Jew, Bruno is a bit shocked. But after a while the boys get a close friendship. And one day Shmuel has to work in the house of Bruno. But when they get caught Bruno denies that he knows Shmuel. Bruno felt sorry for Shmuel. So he goes to the camp again but doesn’t find Shmuel. After a few days Shmuel is back at the place by the fence. They talk about what happened, and Bruno apologized. Bruno wants to do something in return, and offers to help finding the father of Shmuel, who is also in the camp. Bruno sneaks into the camp, and they try to find Shmuel his dad. I won’t tell the end of the story because it would ruin the surprise.

I can tell you it is a good movie. If you watch it, it will keep you interested. You will try to guess the ending. But it is very surprising. The story is based on a novel of John Boyne. An Irish writer, who got famous after he wrote this book. He had an image in his head about two boys separated by a fence. They both don’t understand the things that are happening around them. He wrote the story with a lot of emotion in it. He tried to give a little example about the holocaust. What I liked about the movie was that you see it through the eyes of a little German boy. He doesn’t understand why he can’t play with the boy at the other side of the fence. But the viewer of the movie can. So that’s very original. Something disappointed me though. It sometimes took to long before there was a new adventure, a new chapter. Still I was surprised by the ending of the movie. The acting in the movie is very impressing. The little boys perform very realistic. And I was truly impressed. If I were you I would watch the movie, because it is very original, interesting and above all very emotional. So watch the movie. And if I had to give this movie a rating, I would give it 3 stars.

By: Wytze Bijleveld, The Netherlands

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