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I didn't have high expectations for this movie to begin with, however I didn't expect the pile of excrement that is this movie. Anna paquin and her boyfriend are featured prominently on the cover of this straight to DVD piece of garbage. Yet they are both killed anticlimactically within the first 10 minutes. This makes sense because if i was a C-list actor, I would want out of this movie as fast as possible. (Even if the director was my older brother). There is absolutely no character development or plot. This movie threw two actors on the cover ( who star together in a successful tv series) to snare unsuspecting movie buyers. Shameful. One star doesn't do this movie justice. If you are looking for horror entertainment then watch Troll 2. At least you will be able to laugh. If you do have 80 minutes of your life that you are looking to throw away, then you can't go wrong with this film.

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