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John Wayne Version is Better

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Deaite all the hype about this being one of the greatest Coen movies, it is not. Yes there are some worthy performances and the cinematography is good, but overall I was pretty disappointed with the Coen Bros. True Grit venture. First off, it is apparent that someone who was involved in this film, be it the Coens or Spielberg, must have been pretty impressed with the idiomatic expressions and stylized language of the day as seen on the HBO serices, Deadwood. Sure its pretty neat to see even the basest criminal low lifes of the day speak in an educated almost legalese way of speaking. Its also pretty impressive that a very young actress can precociously deliver these types of lines with panache and precision, but a good deal of the story is wasted on trying to impress us with all this 19th century jargon. The need to force these linguistic acrobatics down our gullet results in a poorly paced Coen bros. movies. Known for being usually languid and deliberate in storytelling, True Grit seems stilted and rushed Very little time is therefore left for any type of character development or evolution, even though this is supposedly a shoot em up Western, we are lurched about in the actual action scenes as if somebody who was caught up trying to impress us with the florid language forgot about the actual story. The pace of the denouement seems hurried and patchwork in the end with somewhat of an amputated ending. Although Jeff delivers a very convincing Cogburn, his performance seems a little force as well. In the same manner that this movie seems derivative of Deadwood, Jeff Bridges may have borrowed a little something from Billy Bob in Slingblade the way he coldly recounts his many kills.

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