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I believe BeautifulBlkWoman was born out of the air or something. These stories were real then and real now. Yes I am successful (she spelled that wrong), professional, smart, strong, support my family and community. However; I would not have been able to be any of these things if it were not for my grandmother, mother, aunts and all the women before me who paved the way for me. I would not have the power, pride and self worth within me to know how I should be treated as a woman if it were not for my father who loved me and treated me with the greatest respect. Unfortunately, not all women have the support system I grew up with or believe in themselves as I do. There more of them than there are of us! So, BeautifulBlkWoman, if you are all the amazing things that you say you are. Go to your local community center/non-profit and volunteer your time to show your light and educate the many women like the ones you didn't finish seeing at the movie.

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