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The first rule of Fight Club is �Do not talk about Fight Club�. This is a very important line in what I believe to be a movie full of action, good connections to real life, and overall just a great story. It is a story of an everyday regular white collar man, played by Edward Norton. He is very dissatisfied with his life and does not have many friends. He goes to work and does not do much else besides buy things for his apartment, somewhat of an obsession. Not having any friends, he even takes this to the extent of going to groups that help people with various diseases, just to interact with other people. He feels that he can really go here and use his emotions, even though they are not real, this is his own way to vent. After this Edward Norton, whose name is never actually mentioned in the movie, meets someone that changes his life forever. This character�s name is Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt. He introduces something new to Edward Norton�s life, Fighting. This completely changes his life in a few ways. He becomes part of something, for the first time in a while and feels like people are there for him. At first it is these two fighting, but then other people see this and want in and it blows up, turning into a huge club that is against society. Then at the end there is a great twist.

The plot of this movie was very good. It always had me on my toes and wondering what was going to happen next. It was very unpredictable and is not like many other movies. The actors in this movie did a good job, under the circumstances they were put under. A lot of the parts in this movie were complicated and complex. For example Brad Pitt�s character was very weird and had a lot of problems, he suffered from a psychological disability, which Brad had to play. These types of roles are typically hard to play, but he is a skilled actor and pulled off the part of Tyler Durden with ease. In this movie there was a lot of special effects. The special effects were mostly explosions, mind tricks, and disappearing acts. There was a ton of work put into the special effects such as at the end; the buildings in the back ground outside at the end are all computer generated. A whole city was pretty much put together in this scene and it includes much detail. As far as the directing goes I believe the director did well. There are points where there could be improvement, but overall it is pretty good. Much of this movie has a somewhat dark and eerie feel, this was shown well through the lighting and mood that the director was trying to convey.

Overall Fight Club is a movie that will keep viewers on the tippy toes and always wondering what is going to happen next, this is the best part about the movie. The story line is quite unpredictable and that is the best part about movies. This movie makes people think about modern life and why they are really here. After watching this movie once, you cannot fully understand it. It is the type of movie you have to watch the whole time and more than once to understand the full story completely.

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