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Alien escapes fed agents and flees with two grossly unattractive Brits

Reviewed by brajajumi

This is one god-awful excuse for a movie and the worst kind of mindless dreck. The leads are repulsive, the script sophmoric and the whole thing an offense to the intelligence of even the least among us. Anyone who finds this movie entertaining should never be allowed to operate machinery, carry anything sharper than a butter knife and/or be allowed outside after dark. Vulgar language can be funny in the right context; but, here, it is just vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. The so-called script writers are wholly without talent and mistake scatology for humour. The whole thing is a shameless fraud and I hope that everyone associated with it are soon bankrupt so that we never have to see the likes of 'Paul' again. I can't spoil the movie for anyone because I left in disgust half-way through it. In any event, no one could 'spoil' something as bad as this pathetic excuse for a comedy.

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