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Film Review: Twelve

The film 'Twelve' directed by Joel Schumacher is a drama based on the book from Nick McDonell. It got published in 2010. Jordan Melamed is the screenwriter an Harry Gregson-Williams was in charge of the music. Main actors are Chace Crawford (White Mike), Rory Culkin (Chris), Phillip Ettinger (Hunter), 50 Cent (Lionel), Billy Magnussen (Claude) and Emma Roberts (Molly).

One big blemish is the variety of locations. After you watched the film you try to remember more than just one location, but you can't. You got that dark and grey background stuck in your head.

Additionally the whole film is strongly one sided. Maybe it's like this on purpose, but if you want to create an astonishing film you have to put more variety in it. In this one it's all about this special drug and this one big party and the rest of the story is built around these two particular topics. After watching a while you have the desire to see something different.

But what's really good, though, is the narrator. That's a really unique idea that is rather rarely found in movies. The narrator is Kiefer Sutherland whose voice suits perfectly to the mood of the film.

All in all it's a very average movie to watch. You should always combine this film with the book. Always a very good idea to do this in school

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