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One Day is Real

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To some, friendship and love are one and the same, and in romantic films one man and one woman realize their friendship was actually love in disguise. This is a perfect example of a classic, cinema love story. Most of the time the audience knows the couple will end up together even though the movie is trying to “trick” them into believing otherwise. Those darn movie producers. However, One Day is a film that shows signs of the typical love story, but it takes different turns that bring a unique, emotional aspect to the audience.

July 15, 1988: Emma Morley, played by Anne Hathaway, and Dexter Mayhew, played by Jim Sturgess, meet for the first time after college graduation in the dusky, morning streets of London. Em asks Dex the ultimate question, “What do you want to be doing when you're older?” Em and Dex both expect to be great and do great things. Throughout a period of 20 years, the movie follows Emma and Dexter’s friendship. Struggling through everyday challenges like jobs, money, drugs, death, love, and sex, the two always find their way back together on July 15th, the anniversary of which they met.

One Day was directed by Lone Scherfig, but its roots come from somewhere else. David Nicholls wrote the riveting novel One Day, and the script for the film. After reaching a national bestseller with One Day, he found the chance to bring his complex characters to life.

One Day is an enchanting love story mixed with realistic human emotions. There are times of laughter, times of tears, and times of exhilaration. This makes the movie so great. It delves deep into the souls and minds of two humans, and shows that there is a more complex makeup to people than typically understood. There are times when the audience will relate with Emma and Dexter, understanding their mistakes, fears, and faults. Emma is too awkward and Dexter is too sex driven. But they complete each other, and as Ian Whitehead, a dopey admirer of Emma’s, clearly states to Dexter, “She made you decent, and in turn you made her so happy.”

The book provides a way into the character’s deepest thoughts that the movie cannot provide. However, Hathaway and Sturgess make up for this. Their talented and unique acting shows the character’s personalities and desires.. Hathaway matches Emma’s sharp sense of humor with her penetrating eye contact to Sturgess, and achieves the emotion in Emma’s sincere and caring remarks towards Dexter. “Whatever happens tomorrow, we have today. I will always remember it.” The detail that went into making this film is another amazing quality. Hathaway’s acquired accent is easily noticed as one sharp feature, but there are more intricate elements. As Emma and Dexter grow older, their clothes change, their hair gets lighter, and their maturity blossoms. Dexter grows tired of partying, sleeping around, and realizes he is the happiest and the strongest when he is around Emma. “I need to talk to someone, not someone, you.” At the end of the characters’ story, the plot takes an unexpected turn, but, again, it makes the tale even more significant to the audience.

In One Day, the audience is allowed into the hearts and souls of two people in the matter of 20 years. The characters grow. They get hurt, they laugh, they make love, and they are happy. But most of all the film expresses the message within the words of Nicholls’ novel: Love’s enduring power is endless.

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