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What Happen To Great Scripting?

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Ok so the books were great reads, but just because it looks great on paper dosn't mean that it will sound good on screen. I think that the writers for this movie were so scared of the twi-fans that they didn't even touch the dialouge for this movie. Ok guys let me explain something just because we can read Bella's thoughts in the book dosn't mean that we can read Kristen Stewart face in the movie, oh yeah and puting thoughts in letters to Alice to cover up the fact that your actors need lessons in facial expressions does not cut it sorry. Oh and a nother thing, when a book says somthing abouth a person being beautiful beyond recognition it dosn't mean that you put shiny powder on their faces, it means you soup up your make-up department and make you answers beautiful beyon recognition!!!!! Dakota Fanning is cute but you guys could have done a much better job. And that is just the tip of the ice burge on how you screwed up this movie, but im getting carple tunnle from all the comments I have for this movie, so I'm hoping that you will get the gist of this review unless you can't read and then that would really explain why you messed up in the first place.

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