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Teenage problems are well presented!

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The movie ‘Twelve’ produced by the director Joel Schumacher deals with teenage problems and drug addiction. The setting is on the Upper East Side and mostly about a big party with drugs and alcohol that ends in a shootout.

Twelve is about the 17 year old White Mike, who is a drug dealer and sells the new drug twelve. The movie shows the problems with drugs on the example with a girl called Jessica. In the movie is the situation being drug addicted really well presented. For example when Jessica needs money from her mother to buy twelve or when White Mike is selling drugs secretly from Molly.

An exciting way to tell the story of White Mike is the narrative telling from a narrator. Because of the narrator the thoughts of Mike are well presented. As a result the viewer could understand more about his behavior.

But the whole movie is only about the big party at Chris’ house and the problems with drugs. I think that it would be better, if the director had used other places or settings.

All in all I like the movie, because the director shows in an interesting way the problems with drugs. For example the problems with the family and the friends are shown. Another good point is that the acting of the actors is really good. As a result the viewer watches the whole movie in an excited way. An example is the scene where Jessica takes the first time twelve and the effects, the positive and negative, are shown. There also are good cinematic devices. The emotions are for example supported with close ups or the setting is descripted with long shots.

To sum it up I like the movie, because I am interested in the theme of the movie. Another point is that the story is well presented and supported with camera settings.

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