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The first 15 minutes of this movie is very peculiar, silly even, but after that the story starts to take shape. Kidman plays Laura Ashley, a woman whose husband owns the only ranch in Australia that isn’t owned by the Carney family. Soon after her arrival Mrs. Ashley meets her husband’s drover, known simply as The Drover (Jackman). When her husband is murdered, she must make a decision to either sell at a remarkably low price or try to revive the down and out ranch that is the home to an aboriginal family. She decides to stay and enlists the help of the drover. After his mother dies, an aboriginal boy named Nullah grows close to Mrs. Boss, as she becomes known on the ranch. With the drover’s help they embark on a quest to drive the cattle across the beautiful Australian landscape and into town, breaking the Carneys’ Monopoly. Much more happens from there but that gives you an idea of the story. The story actually works well in this movie but I don’t think the dialogue is very well done, things aren’t discussed that should be discussed and as a result the events that unfold aren’t quite as emotional as they should be. There are many enjoyable scenes and Jackman and Kidman are good in spots but the boy who plays Nullah steals the show. The movie is a bit overlong and though it doesn’t drag, by the end I did feel a bit flat even though I enjoyed the movie. I’d like to have seen this movie if it had taken itself much more seriously and hadn’t been so afraid to spend some of the 2 hours and 45 minutes on a little dialogue between the stars. My rating would have to be 3 stars.

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