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Vantage Point

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“Vantage Point” contains very entertaining and repetitive parts. The whole concept of the time reversal and seeing each character's point of view is something fresh. The President of the United States of America is in Spain the give a speech at a peace rally. The President is shot and 2 bombs explode. The audience sees the shooting and explosions from people’s point of views who were their and involved. The only problem is the repetitiveness of the scenes. Seeing the President get gunned down six times in a row gets very old. It also gets very annoying when each point of view ends with such a stereotypical suspense that has been seen in hundreds of other films. Dennis Quad’s point of view ends with him pointing at the television set and saying “Oh my God”, without the audience being able to seen anything and have to wait another 30 minutes to learn something new. The car chase scenes with Dennis Quad and Matthew Fox were both entertaining and very unrealistic. Dennis Quad is driving a small passenger car that gets crushed into a building by a semi. Dennis simply hops out, gets on his phone shouting out locations, and continues the chase running on foot. This film did have quite an entertaining cast including Dennis Quad, Matthew Fox and Forrest Whitaker. Once the movie stops replaying the same scene from different points of view, the suspense and storyline become stronger. Overall, “Vantage Point” was an entertaining B class movie.

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