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I have to say Cloud Atlas has become my new favorite movie of all time. The first thing to really catch my attention is how the costumes and make up really bring the characters to life. With so many characters in the story it really was a job well done. The actors also do such a great job that it’s easy to get sucked into the story and forget about the actors being used. The make-up tends to be so realistic that you don’t even know who plays that character till the end credit.
To go along with the beautiful acting and make up are the stunning special effects. They do very well with blending in the real and the fake scenery making a lot of scenes really believable. The detail in some scenes can make it kind of hard to tell what is computer generated as well.
Another major factor I found was the music or the movies soundtrack. Aside from being beautifully composed and nice on the ears, the soundtrack really enhances the experience of the movie. The music is suspenseful and dramatic when needed as well as calming and quiet. I personally do like the Cloud Atlas Sextet, it being the theme song of the movie I hear it when I think of the movie.
Besides the make-up, acting, special effects, and music I see that another part of what sucks you into this movie is that it is a very puzzling one. With six stories being told at once it can be difficult to retain all the information by the time you get to the end. Even after seeing it enough time to do so it hasn’t killed the movie. This is a movie I can assure you will not disappoint, even after the next couple of viewings.

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