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The story of African American fighter pilots in WWII

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Red Tails: An Inspiring Must See

Although the film Red Tails is being slammed by a number of critics, it is a must see movie. The film is being called predictable and cliche, but it is a well made movie with a powerful true story to tell. The movie tells the story of African American pilots during the second World War who are not put into combat because of the color of their skin. They are eventually given the opportunity to fight for their country and prove themselves. Red Tails shares an inspiring true story, is action-packed, and leaves viewers in a feel good mood. Even if you do not care for action films, fighter planes, or war movies, I highly suggest you see this film to support it and the story and message it carries with it. I left Red Tails not only satisfied and in a good mood, but I learned an important and interesting part of American history that I might have never been aware of otherwise. I hope you enjoy Red Tails as much as I have and support it with a good review.

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