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worst Christmas movie EVER!!!!

Reviewed by cunninghamclan

This movie was the worst idea for the Christmas season. Our 6 year old was crying! I understand movies want to have a "bad guy" or a "dramatic scene", but this was horrible! The entire move was sad! The last 5 min of the show, it turned around and Santa got better, but for kids that still believe in Santa, I DO NOT recommend this at all. Santa gets robbed, almost dies, Santa's best frind "Paws" almost dies, and Christmas is close to being cancelled. There is a orphanage where the gilrs live with a mean lady. The mean lady never turns good! We kept reassuring the kids that the movie was going to turn happy, but it never did until the very very end. At one point we almost turned the movie off, my 8year old went and hugged my 6year old and told him it was OK. Horrible-I mean it!!!

I can not stress my feelings on this movie enough! I expected alot more from Disney as far as a happy Christmas movie-THEY FAILED!!!!

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