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Star Trek

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If you're a big science fiction fan this is as good as it gets. on of the best Sci-fi movies ever and you don't have to be a Trekie to think so.
A basic understanding astrophysics will help you with the believeability of the space world that they live in.
It's a story about the formation and a deep look at the characters of the Star Trek telivision program. This is what makes the movie great. More about the characters than the plot line. Some times when you tell the beginning of the story last it brings the story together and makes everything make much more sense then you could ever think possible.
Compareable to Batman Begins, a fantastic movie that sets up many future Star Trek episodes.
As you can imagine the special efficts were fantastic. The plot is a very well backdrop to the main characters story. Although Eric Banna (Nero) was week, Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) were fantastic and another reason this movie was outstanding.

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