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Not a Good Plan to See “The Back-Up Plan”

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First comes love then comes marriage then comes a big disaster at the box office. Hollywood seemed to manage it all the time years ago with films like “Another Cinderella Story” or “Just my Luck“. Well, it’s just my luck that “The Back-up Plan” is not living up to those standards. "The Back-Up Plan" plays into the romantic comedy genre by reversing the normal order of things. Instead of love and marriage coming before a baby the plot flips so that pregnancy comes first.

Here is the truth; it is true that hundreds of women take an unconventional route to their families. Here’s the fantasy; a new romance doesn’t stick around through a disastrous 9 months of pregnancy. Just about all women want to find the perfect guy for them. But does that really happen for everyone or does this only happen for Hollywood ?

The romance is still boy-meets-girl; but the only issue between them is that boy-meets-girl a little too late. As Jennifer Lopez is executing her plan, she meets this gorgeous man played by Alex O'Loughlin in his first leading-man role. Their relationship is a cluster of birth preparations, doctor appointments, early bedtimes due to exhaustion, their uncontrollable cravings, not fitting into her old clothing and no chiti-chiti-bang-bang.

Truth is, if an attractive man like Alex O'Loughlin ever knew you were pregnant and the baby wasn't his, he will surely be in the next cab without you. A man like Alex has options and he realizes that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Why do women have to believe that men are going to fall in love with them despite their circumstances? Hollywood pushes this dream that everything will work out in the end. They should really wake you up from that coma because it is never going to happen. Life isn‘t always what you expect, so if Mr. Right does bump into you in taxi, please do NOT get out. But don‘t keep your fingers crossed for this to happen.

Although parts of the movie were funny, people should not buy into this style of romantic comedy. Watching J-lo and Alex try to execute these romantic roles has to be the best part on an account of them being the most beautiful people in the film. I have to say, I could have left the movie if I hated it so much but my hinny never left that seat because I wanted to see what J-lo was going to wear next. Hollywood focused more on making their actors look good and making the viewers want to look like them instead of making the plot believable.

Having a Hillary Duff DVD on standby might be the best back-up plan.

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