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Unoriginal, crude, and offensive

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I saw this movie last night and I thought the first movie was much funnier. It was less crude humor and more crazy, surprising, and original humor with a relatively unique way of telling a story.

This movie follows the EXACT same format down to a slideshow at the end that they can only view once before they have to delete. I disliked this movie on several grounds.

1) Raunchy/Gross/Shock-factor humor - Everyone has their own opinion on what's funny, I get that. But really is looking at penises, chain-smoking monkeys, naked transvestites, and amputated fingers stuck up noses what's considered funny these days? Maybe it is for some, but I personally just find it stupid and a sad state of affairs if this is where comedy movies are heading towards.

2) Offensive - As an Asian-American male watching this movie I couldn't help but be disgusted. I dislike calling out the race card but this is one movie I feel it's warranted. First, you have depicted a relatively attractive asian female with a white male. Now, I'm all into believing in true love and I have no problem with this by itself, but at the same time how many times can you recollect where you've seen a movie with an asian male with ... well, anyone? It's hard not to notice the disparity when it's 100 to 0. It makes you wonder about how Hollywood works ...

Secondly, one of the few asian male appearances starts with showing what is likely is a pathologically small penis who of course just "happens" to be an asian guy. How many movies have you seen an asian guy's penis? Yet this is the one time they do show one?! In my opinion, and probably as any guy will tell you (just ask your bf/husband), the worst you could do to a guy is question their masculinity. That's just sickening that a movie tries to perpetuate a negative stereotype. I mean, I think most of the humor comes from shock value and sensation of superiority (i.e. laughing at another's misfortune). If the penis were extra large on an asian or black male, would it still be funny?

Anyway, on a side note, I've spent the better part of my 20s obtaining a medical degree and M.S. in health policy to improve the health system of a country that I love. But it's sad when every time I go to the movies, anyone who looks like me is often portrayed like crap. My suggestion is not to support this movie -- plus it's really only a cruder rehash of the first one. I think I might have to rededicate my life to improving media representation if movies like these keep coming out ...

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