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Vantage Point

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“Vantage Point Review”
-Alyssa Vasseur

For anyone who has not seen “Vantage Point” this thrilling film will surely keep you on your toes. “Vantage Point” covers the assassination of the president. This one event is shown through the eyes of six different people. I’ve realized no matter how many times you watch something; you can always pick up new details each time.

First, a news crew shows their view through a couple newscasters broadcasting from different locations. I like this view because it shows us the technical side of what goes on behind the scenes. After a sequence of events occur, the movie goes in reverse to restart from the same spot. This time it begins with the view of Thomas Barnes, a secret service agent. This perspective shows us the seriousness of being aware of your surroundings especially when oug in public. Next, as time rolls back, the conference is shown from the eyes of Enrique, a worker of the mayor. In the middle of everything going on, an innocent bystander, Howard Louis, records the shooting on tape. This view is significant because it comes from an ordinary person. We are able to relate to this man easier than for instance the secret service agents. From the president’s view it is later revealed that the president at the podium is a fake. The real president watches the event on television as it is happening. The last point of view comes from Javier, the brother of Enrique. Each view is packed with action and suspense that keeps you interested.

By using these different view points, it makes it possible for us to better understand what goes on. It is defiantly important to pay attention while watching the movie to be able to differentiate between each view. Although it may seem repetitive, watching something over and over helps us to pick up new information that wasn’t noticed before.

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