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another bummer

Reviewed by donna

We went to this movie with high expectations but were, again, not surprised, so disappointed. We are so tired of low budget movies that depend on the acting abilities of not only a single actor but a single (shaky) camera to elicit suspense. We have been more frightened by those flash monster images that pop up in unsuspecting e-mails. WHAT A HUGE waste of money in todays economy. This movie has no substance. Once again this movie revolves around abuse in childhood and the subjects inability to cope in the real world, of course you don't know this until the end but when you find out, it feels like such a lame premise to build a movie on. When is someone going to make a horror movie that truly deserves that title? Just for the record, Elizabeth Olsen does a good job eliciting fear but that's pretty much all that the movie is about.

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