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Star Trek

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Typical, so typical. When it was about philosophy, moral dilemmas, cultural and racial differences, when it was meant to be as critique of modern society, another words, when there was a story with a point behind, nobody liked it! And now when it's all about action, firing lasers, blowing ships, when there is no drama, no characters, no story, suddenly it's movie of the year! Everybody likes it, so called fans, critique, public... everybody.

It just shows in what world we are living today, leave your brain at home, and go and have some fun. Go on and make four more parts of Die Hard if you have to, but don't destroy something valuable and with quality, just to make money. Star Trek franchise was never meant to be mainstream, it was always for freaks and geeks, but it was intelligent and smart, and that's way it was cult. Now it's a mainstream action packed, MTV, CGI, cool sound effects brainless, soulless, fun,fun,fun, junk!

There is not much to say about movie itself, poor young actors, it's not their fault. Nobody gave them something to work with, and they did the best they could. Nevertheless, I think that somebody with little more experience maybe would make something out of it.Director probably did what the producers asked him to do. Cool cinematography,great colors, great effects and camera work, but that is only two tenth of a movie. And finally, POOR, POOR scenario, it was probably written on ten pages, but I guess the producers wanted it that way.

At the end, even thou I'm a big fan of Star Trek universe, I can't score this movie more than poor, because there is nothing substantial in this movie that you can hang on. I would surely like that this new Star Trek era would end here, but I'm afraid for all the true fans, that it's going to last.

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