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Alan Rickman has been great throughout all 8 movies. Ever since the first movie, I knew that he is definitely one of the best actor in the HP series and that Snape is a very interesting and influential character. I think Rickman did a very good job in potraying Snape's character and that HP series will not became what we came to love without his outstanding contributions. Also, ever since the 7th book came out and we knew that Snape is in fact on Harry's side, I had always wondered how Rickman would convey the depth of the emotions and love and hurt that was potrayed in the book. And the result is he definitely exceeded my expectations by far and beyond. The scene where he said "but it's her son" was just heart-wrenching. When he hugged Lily was just really sad and filled with pain. Rickman delivered all the emotions, the pain, the hurt, the love, all of it in the best way possible and the audience can actually feel it. I think it's the best accomplishment an actor can have - when the audience feel the emotions of the character he/she played. And for that, here's to Rickman for an amazing job well done.

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