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I am a true twi-hard and I have read the books MANY times. This movie left out so many important pieces and added pieces that upset me as a true fan.

It seemed a bit choppy in places and was a big let down to those who know the Eclipse story line. The effects were great, the humor aligned with new moon, and the characters were not compromised- but the story line....

The break up scene between Bella and Jacob was ruined. Where was the "kidnapping" scene with Alice and Bella? Great lines from characters were left out, i.e. "They've been holding out on us." or added, "You're dead!" Not to mention many more. And the was not in the book at all.

True twi-hards will love to see their characters back, but dislike the deviation from the book. New fans may get lost in the movie or love it because they don't know the book.

Let's hold our breath for Breaking Dawn.

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