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Everyone has a wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland was an enticing and visually exciting adventure that kept my attention and youth intact throughout the entire film. Having read the book, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and seen the old Alice in Wonderland (cartoon version), I had huge expectations for this movie. However, the film was unlike either of the two versions I was familiar with so there wasn't much basis for comparison. Instead, Alice was older, revisiting a world she had entered as a child which she thought was a dream, and now falling back into it to find her backbone and identity by challenging the Queen of Hearts, her army, and her secret weapon. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and as the Queen of Hearts have a huge space in my heart and their acting was, as always, dark, fitting to character and well exaggerated to parallel such a dreamlike world. Alice seemed rather morbid or just sad throughout the film, but maybe I'm confusing that emotion in fact with, confusion. All of the original characters were the same, and many of the situations Alice encountered were similar, but twisted. For example, the scene with the Mad Hatter and hare drinking tea and having a 'very unhappy birthday' was reinacted, and you get the visual of the wild sugar induced and hyperactive tea party but you don't get the song and dance that came with the disney version. Many scenes were like this, that is, more adult-like which was fitting. Personally I enjoyed the movie and felt like I was my own Alice trying to figure out who I am and what I want in life. Even though I was unfortunately in the second row from the screen (way too close) and the 3-D glasses made me nauseous, I still found the movie gripping and refused to turn away.

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