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The Mist

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This movie opens up with a huge storm that starts to wreck some havoc. so the father and son quickly move to the convienant store knowing the power has been knocked out, however they are unknowing of the crazy situations that happen after they get their.

alot of people B**** about the fact their is a crazy religeous woman in the movie, I personally think it is genius, it just adds to the insanity of the overall situation, and plus its a movie people, its not like all christians/catholics whatever are crazy like that... (at least not the majority ;) )

other-dimensionally creatures begin to appear, starting with a giant creature that by the looks of it is not the most friendly around, then it goes on to other archetypical creatures that took alot of creative thought and planning to pull off in a world like this. I personally thought that the creature design was amazing, every single one had their own terrifying look.

so the story goes on, they avoid one catastrophe after another, until inevitably they have to retreat from a cult from of loony nuts. (religeous nuts) they escape to their car, get attacked, lose the majority of their team, and it comes down to 5 people.

these 5 people drive and drive (the only part i thought was corny was the fact that i could not imagine how you could drive at all in a mist that thick, but HEY ITS HOLLYWOOD, ITS OK) they run out of gas and are stranded in a seemingly middle of nowhere.

heres the part where people decide the movie sucks, although I personally thought it was great (I guess you would have to read stephen king books and appreciate his evil endings to appreciate an ending like this, although it was not originally in the book.) man is stuck in the middle of nowhere with 4 others, including his son, man pulls out gun, 4 bullets left, theirs 5 people (including him). Our main character decides he does not wish his family to be killed by giant monsters with acid silk lances or to be ripped apart by giant tentacles, so he makes the most rational decision in a situation such as this, he kills everyone (including his son) except him. for their are only 4 rounds in the gun, he gets out of the car, screams for a while, and attempts to get killed by a monster. at the last moment the fog clears as the army is finally clearing up the mist (unless it was just a giant cloud that passed over them and is continuing to wreck havoc wherever it goes.) and watches as the army come out of the clouds with trucks of survivors. man screams, camera fades.

My arguement to this great ending is the fact that is wasnt some stupid disney fairytale ending. It was a clever dark ending (just like the ending's from the saw series, jacob's ladder, the descent, etc.) It was an ending that was more based on realism, what would actually happen in a situation like that. I know for a damn fact if i was in a situation like that I would have offed my kid and my friends, as well as myself as well. I had to write this review because I got tired of reading all these bad reviews for a good movie, if you like a movie that has a REALISTIC ending instead of a STUPID ending, where they dont find a giant ammo shed with a built in mcdonalds and set up camp until their childrens children finally run out of bullets, then this is your movie, however if you want expect any happiness to come out of a situation like that, then you need to go back to watching dragon tales. have a good day ;)

9/10 stars, amazing movie. PLEASE MAKE DARK TOWER MOVIE STEPHEN KING!!!!

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