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"The Social Network" Review

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The Social Network: Right for Everyone

Last week I went to the theatre and saw “The Social Network”. I didn’t quite know what to think about this movie because at first I did not think that with the title “The Social Network”, that it was going to be an “on the edge of your seat thriller”, but it proved to be quite entertaining. Who knew that a movie about computers and Facebook would be so interesting and suspenseful? Maybe a lot of people, including myself, don’t realize what it takes to develop an extremely successful website like “Facebook”.

“The Social Network” is about a freshman at Harvard University in 2004, Mark Zuckerburg, who develops a social networking website so that people could interact through the internet. Zuckerburg (Jesse Eisenburg) starts his story by creating a website by hacking into the Harvard University computer system to create his own web page called “Facemash”, which involved comparing the faces of women at Harvard and then sending them throughout the campus. The goal of this website was to allow people to rank the women on how attractive they were compared to another coed on campus. This clever idea got an extreme amount of views in a short time and also led Zuckerburg into some extreme trouble as well. Although he did suffer some of the consequences of his actions it also helped him come up with the idea of connecting people through the internet through one simple website. It’s this website that causes Zuckerburg to embark on this incredible journey while creating the website “Facebook”. Zuckerburg cannot complete this task on his own; he receives the help of many friends along the way. The main source of help came from Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield), who helped finance the beginning stages of “Facebook”. Zuckerburg and Saverin would prove to have a struggling relationship throughout the movie which led to Saverin wanting his fair share of the company. Zuckerburg would also receive help from a very odd and condescending source of Sean Parker (Justin Timeberlake). Throughout the movie, Parker often manipulates Zuckerburg with his “money, money, party” attitude. Parker also feuds with Saverin multiple times throughout the movie. Two brothers, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Armie Hammer Jr. and Josh Pence), also try to reap the benefits from this website as they claim the original website was their idea. Throughout the movie, Zuckerburg’s pathway to success takes many twists and turns ranging from legal trouble to the influence of the wrong people.

The cast did a great job adapting to their roles. Jesse Eisenburg (Zuckerburg) displays a hilarious, sarcastic attitude towards everything and everyone. But he is very witty and intelligent which helps portray Zuckerburg very well. Andrew Garfield (Saverin) does a great job of being a concerned friend for Zuckerburg throughout the movie. Justin Timberlake (Parker) adapts to the attitude of his character and often brings laughter to viewers with his entertaining views on life. Armie Hammer Jr. and Josh Pence (Winklevoss Twins) are fantastic as they play the attempted spoilers on Zuckerburg’s creation. This movie may not have been as engulfing if these actors did not do the job they did.

It is safe to say that this movie met and even exceeded my expectations. I specifically liked that attitude that Zuckerburg has throughout the movie. When being punished by Harvard University, he asked for recognition because he had found a flaw in the University’s computer system. This is only one of the many examples of Zuckerburgs comical outlook on his whole social networking project. It is this attitude that leads to his success overall throughout the movie.

What I learned from this movie and also what I think others could learn from this movie is that even a teenager can break through the doors of success. It also shows that the determination of someone or a group of people can help create an invention that is used and enjoyed by so many people throughout the world.

This movie is intended for people that use “Facebook” and want to learn its story. I myself would recommend this movie to anyone. It can also be viewed by a wide range of people as it is rated PG-13. This movie was great and I really believe that it has and will continue to live up to the hype that it has been given. Although this was not the best movie I’ve ever see, I would give it a very deserving grade of 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

This movie was reviewed by a freshman at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. He enjoys playing sports and also is not very good with computers which also shows how this movie can be seen by a wide range of people. Being a Facebook user, he was also interested in the story of its beginning.

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