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Classic Tale of Good Son/Bad Son and the Blurred Lines of Family Love

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I was encouraged by Richard Roeper's review and accolade of "movie of the year" (Ref: )and so went to see 'Brothers.'

I was really looking forward to seeing serious fare with all of the silly films that have been out lately.

With Toby Maguire's character, "Sam" as the good son soldier (Spoiler Alert), killed in Afghanistan and brother of Jake Gylenhaal's character, "Tommy" who's the loser brother "bad son" just out of prison, and a grieving Natalie Portman, playing the widow of Toby Maguire's character, the film is rife for "when is it brotherly love and when is it cold hearted replacement" drama as Jake's character, to help heal his dead brother's grieving family, eventually crosses the line.

Both a study in the pointlessness of a good man's death in war, and brotherly and family dynamics, good and bad, 'brothers' moved me deeply and I highly recommend it.

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