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A beautifully realized dream!

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James Cameron proves again that he is uniquely capable at telling an amazing story thru film. With Avatar, he has accomplished something special - nothing less than a beautifully realized dreamscape that we all get to experience. Some may say that the story is predictable, but I feel truly sorry for those that are so jaded or cynical that they can't let themselves get swept away by the true power of an excellent movie, or would deny some of the central truths at the film's core.

The technical achievements of this film will earn it a special place in the history of movie making. The jaw-dropping audiovisuals, and the completely alternate-reality inducing use of 3D, are all the more impressive because they never get in the way of the story, or detract from the characters. Rather, they propel the viewer thru a world that's so believable, and brought to life so completely, with such wondrous inhabitants, that you'll be sorry you have to leave it. Simply a unique and breathtaking experience.

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