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Waste of time and money

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Wish I had a time machine to get back the two hours that I wasted watching this movie to say nothing of the money wasted. There are so many wonderful movies out these days. What a shame to attend this pitiful excuse for a movie. The language could only be appreciated by a high school boy; every other word was the F bomb. The story line was old and uncreative. The acting was somewhat reasonable considering what the actors had to work with. How amazing can an actor make lines where ever other word is the same word? Also for your information the movie contains soft porn. We were blindsided by this as it was not rated. Having a child discover who their father is by watching his own conception even in the best of circumstances like a loving relationship (which this certainly wasn't) could never make for a resonable theme.

Save your money and see something redeeming, interesting and worth your time and money.

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