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Chick Flick, with cute moments

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My husband and I watched this together, mainly because it was listed as a comedy and he saw Chris Rock in the preview. He was pretty upset that all of Chris Rock’s 3 lines in the move were also in the preview. This is defiantly more of a chick flick than a comedy, although it did have some very cute parts during the movie. The cast also includes J Lo and Cameron Diaz whom I both really like. The movie follows several different couples all in very different types and states of pregnancy. It was very disappointing that the storylines never met up with each other and it seemed too random for the movie to flow properly. There were several times when the story moved slowly that seemed like they should have been replaced more of the scenes with comedy. Since we recently had a baby we could relate to many of the experiences and it made the movie more tolerable. All in all I’d say if you’re having or have had a baby recently you will find this movie too be pretty cute and relatable. If not I’d personally wait until you can find this movie on cable.

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