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Well, when i first heard there was gunna be a remake to such a classic film i was discusted!
but then i heard that Rob Zombie was doing it so my expections came pretty high.
even with Rob writting and directing the film, i still expected to see a mirror image of the film(like the sucky ass remake of the hitcher)
but to my suprise, it was the exact opposite!
almost the fisrt hour of the film is focused around his child hood and what drove young Michael to kill.
with what this kid went through at school and home its no wonder he went crazy!!!
what was also interesting about this version, is his relationship with baby Lori.
Lori or "Boo" as he calls her, and his mother are the only two people he ever cared for. infact

when he goes to look for her in the second half of the film, its not kill her, but to be with his baby sister again...untill she stabs him and makes him mad.

but anyway, what i also liked about this version was that Michael was more "human"
in the other halloween films hes some crazy guy with the devil inside him, it was ok for awhile, until part 6 when they said that when michael was born, the curse of samhain was laid on his family to save other familes, which i thoght was BS!
Rob explained in like an hour what 7 movies never really bothered to explain!(i say 7 cuz part 3 isnt a "real" halloween film).
Ofcorse nothing out does the original but this one does pretty well. As much as i want to, i cant say this film stands on its own, seeing as the killer and the story are so familier, and though he made many changes to the scenes we would find familer you couldnt help but rember the past...thoght his twist on the scenes were verry creppy...
all in all Halloween is a great hooror film and without a doubt one of the better remakes ive seen of a horror film thus far...

Rob zombies Halloween
gets 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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[After a teenage prank on Tamara, the unpopular girl in school, goes horribly wrong, the pranksters decide to cover their tracks and bury the body. However, death won't keep Tamara down. With a new, seductive look and a motive for a revenge to match, Tamara hunts down all those involved in her death.]

Starring: Jenna Dewan(Step-Up)

The creator of Final Destination has created a new sexy horror killer in Tamara.
after she comes back from the dead, thanks to a spell, she has the power to control people by touch and make them do what she wants, rather then being another serial killer w/ a knife, she uses her deadly powers to make her "bullies" kill themselves. From cutting up their own face to eating themselves, the movie is both creepy and funny.
Tamara's main focus alive and dead is to win the heart of her "true love". her english teacher Mr. Notolie and to get his slut wife out of the picture.
Jena Dewan is terrific in this movie, the plot is a little lame, and the movie is pretty predictable, but she makes it very worth watching...

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Black Christmas

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Starring: Michelle Trachtenberg(Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eurotrip), Mary Elizabeth Winstead(Final Destination 3, Grindhouse), Katie Cassidy, Lacey Chabert(Mean s, What if God Were The Sun), Crystal Lowe, Andrea Martin(Black Christmas '76)

[About 20 Years ago, Billy Lenz ed his family, chopped his own mother into Christmas cookies and enjoyed her with a glass of milk. He was sent to a mental institution for the crminaly insane. He final makes his escape one Christmas Eve and just wants to go home. But he discovers that his home has become a Sorrity House. And for 8 unsuspecting Sorrity sisters and they're crazy House Mother, Billy is about to get a new family and make this a Christmas they'll never forget...remake of the 1974 slasher classic about a psycho izing a sorority house during the holiday season. ]

I am not a huge fan of remakes but this one was pretty decent.
It was a little silly with its plot line, but still its a great way to remake a classic. A great thing about this version is unlike the original film, we get to know the killer, how he ended up this way, what drove him to kill.
The s are so gory and creepy, you'll flinch every time!
Like the original Billy calls the house making strange noises. But he only does after he's claimed a victim. He uses there cell phones to dial the sorrity hose so they can hear the final screams of friends and Billy say "She's my family now...".
They dont trace the calls insted they try to leave the house as soon as they can. But they dont get verry far.
The roads are snowed out and Billy is only waiting around every corner...ready to kill, and eat the beloved eyes of his new family...

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Black Christmas

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Black Christmas(original)
Olivia Hussey1968 Romeo & Juilet), Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, Andrea Martin(2006 Black Christmas), John Saxon(Nightmare on elm st)
[The few remaining residents of a Canadian sorority house are celebrating the onset of Christmas vacation when a thirteen year-old is found in the park. Soon, it is discovered that one of the sorority sisters is missing, which triggers a terrifying chain of within the house. ]

The original Black Christmas is still terrifying to this day.
it startys off with a series of disterbing phone calls to a sorrity house from a strange man speaking crude and ual remarks.
Later a young is found ed, and a sorrity sister goes missing. Her father is in town desprate to find her, and seeks the help of the sisters. The calls continue to come in and become more and more menicing. They are later traced and the s discover they are coming from within the house. This film set the "killer in the house genre" and inspired films such as "When A Stranger Calls"(original and remake) The only problem with the film is we never get to know the killer. Who is he and why is he doing this? Why did he choose to kill at this house, let alone this town? But still the film is effective and still creepy. of course in this day and age we've seen this type of movie many times before, but it still satisfies.

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