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This movie will be with you for life

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In a Stephen King inspired movie, Stand By Me creates a dramatical moving movie about four young friends who learn there is a kid who went by himself to go pick berries and never came home. Directed by Rob Reiner who creates great bonding between these four young boys. So the teens go to be heroes for finding the kid. On this journey we find out background information about the four friends, Jerry O'Connell, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman, and River Phoenix. Wil Wheaton is the most depressed of them all for he had recently lost his older brother who was a football player and a really good kid but got in a car accident. His parents have not moved on. In addition Wil doesn't even exist to his mother.

This movie will get you crying because of the emotions of the four boys trying to find the body of the kid who never came back. There is so much sadness with this movie with a great narrator voice perfect for the effect of this movie as well as great music just like in The Sandlot. These four young men go through trials of going to find the boy who never came home. This movie is also great because it shows the bond between friends and the idea that an adventure is not always just fun but can be a little scary.

Then we see that there is also bullies who pick on the younger kids in the movie. The effect of this movie plays on your feelings of childhood memories and friends that were there for you! All the friends have something that they hate or just like Wil who lost somebody, the other three have bad home situations there fathers beat them. Except for Jerry who is picked on by his older brother because he is chubby. There was a regard for dissing someone mother like now we say your momma jokes still today. These friends will become closer after this adventure.

Lastly the way this movie was made is outstandingly great because like in the movie the Sandlot the dog is seen as more than what it really is the dog is supposed to be big and mean but the dog in actuality is just a mellow nice dog not a monster. These friends go their separate ways just like they do all the time you can't always keep your friends forever sometimes you have to let them go. They will probably always remember the weekend they found the dead body.

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