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This was on par with all the sweet transformers cartoons you loved when you were a kid. The CGI was impressive as was the action and EXPLOSIONS. Shai Le beef delievered a decent performance and was fun to watch. Didn't leave you wanting much else. The transformations of the transformers from car to whatever their original shape was the best part. The end scene fight left you breathless and on the edge of your seat with a hardon!! Seriously, go see this
movie. Sure its mediocre but if you're an action junkie and if you enjoyed the movie 'crank', then this is probably for you. It wouldn't hurt to have a touch of nerdiness in your blood either. the comedy is not bad either. The mom makes a hilarious masturbation comment and the cameo by john turturro leaves you heaving with laughter. i love that guy.
Ok so, if you haven't seen it, you should probably check it out because its just one of those movies you should see. Like when you were in high school and the literature teachers made you read the Odyssey: you didn't really enjoy it but after you read it, you felt like you could relate all aspects of life to it. Even though this movie is nowhere near the literature of the Odyssey, this comparison seems .. right.

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