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The boy in the striped pajamas

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�Why do you wear pajamas all day�, Bruno asks to Shmuel, a young Jewish boy who�s being held prisoner in a concentration camp. Of course Bruno is young too, he doesn�t understand the seriousness of the war that�s going on. To him, the concentration camp is a farm where people can play and have fun.

The boy in the striped pajamas is a film based on a novel, which carries the same name, by John Boyne. The film was directed by Mark Herman, who has directed a few other movies, but is best known for directing The boy in the striped pajamas. Producer David Heyman has produced a number of notable films, like Harry Potter and the Philosopher�s Stone. The leading role goes to Asa Butterfield, a child actor. He also played in various other movies, for example; Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. He received two nominations, one British Independent Film Award for Most promising newcomer and one London Critics Circle Film Awards for Young British performer of the Year, both where for his role in The boy in the striped pajamas.

Bruno is a young boy who lives with both his parents and his twelve-year-old sister Gretel (Amber Beattie). His dad is SS officer Ralf (David Thewlis) and married to Elsa (Vera Farmiga), Bruno�s mom. The whole family lives in Berlin, but move after his dad gets promoted to commandant of a concentration camp. Bruno calls it Out-With, but later in the movie we find out, thanks to Gretel, that the right pronouncement is Auschwitz.

When they reach their new home almost no one is happy with it. It�s a large house with a cold look, no kindness. Elsa tries to be optimistic, but it�s obvious she doesn�t like it. After staying there for a while, Bruno gets bored and wants to explore. When he goes to the back garden his mom tells him not to, but later he tries again, this time it works.

He runs trough the forest and eventual ends up and the fence, made off barbed wire, that surrounds the concentration camp. That�s when Bruno first meets Shmuel. The boys take up a special relationship, they become friends. Of course, during the war, it�s forbidden for a German boy to be friends with a Jew. But Bruno doesn�t understand.

He doesn�t understand a lot of things. He thinks the concentration camp Shmuel is staying in, is a farm where you can have fun. He thinks the clothing Shmuel is wearing are pajamas, while they�re truly prisoner outfits. He thinks it�s ok for the boys to hang out and play and he doesn�t see why Shmuel can�t take off and come on the other side of the fence. In the end his stupidity gets him to make the worst decision of his life.

Personally I think it�s a very strong movie. It shows some aspects of the war that I hadn�t seen before. And showing it from the point of few of a little boy makes it that more interesting. Though Bruno is stupid, there�s no other name for it, he has some cleverness about him too. For example, when he wants to pay Shmuel another visit he tells his mom a lie, but when she doesn�t buy it he says he told her a lie and immediately tells her one again, which she does buy.

The relationship Bruno and Shmuel build is sometimes a little strange. When Shmuel gets to work in the house Bruno lives in, he offers him a piece of cake. Shmuel gladly takes it, but then an officer enters the room. Bruno denies offering the piece of food and therefore Shmuel gets beaten up badly.

The end of the move shows a message. You can create, but so easily break too.

I wouldn�t have picked the movie myself. If it wasn�t for school, I wouldn�t have seen it. But I must say, it sure is a great movie!

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