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Why You Should Watch The Blind Side

“When something awful was happening, my mother would tell me to close my eyes. She was trying to keep me from seeing her do drugs or other bad things. And when she was finished she would tell me to open my eyes the past is gone, the world is a good place and it’s all going to be okay.” Does that seem like a good life? Of course not! That trick is the key to what got Michael through the hard times in his life. A drama\sports movie directed by John Lee Hancock, The Blind Side is an inspiring movie about a teenage boy’s journey out of a hard life. Michel Oher grew up in the hood of Tennessee. There were gangs and drugs all over his childhood neighborhood. Through his hard work he was able to get into a good school where he meet a caring, rich family who cared deeply for his well-being. They encouraged his schooling to an extent that he was able to get his grades up to the level where he could get a scholarship for playing football in college, which he discovered his great talent in. Through his hard work and determination he beat all odds and overcame all obstacles keeping him from achieving great things. It’s a story of family, football, and beating the odds. The movie also contains good moral lessons and actors and actresses whose acting brings life to the movie.

To start, the movie offers many moral life lessons. The idea of offering someone a place to stay when they don’t have anywhere else to go, like Mrs. Tuohy did for Michael, is a great lesson from the movie on caring and looking out for each other. Critic Chris Carpenter says, “Faith and values were on full display, none more evident than a sign hanging above the entrance to a school in the movie. It reads, With men this is possible. With God all things are possible.” When Carpenter says, “Faith and values were on full display.” he tells us of the good morals that he sees in this movie. Everyone who watches this movie catches a life lesson of some sort. Critic Burl Burlingame tells us what he thinks about this movie and the valuable lesson which he learned, “A living tribute to fundamental Christian motivations, although the point is hammered home with an extraordinarily soft touch: Love thy neighbor.” Personally, the movie was an encouragement to me, in the way that even if everyone thinks an obstacle is impossible or there’s so many obstacles in your way, go for it; whatever it may be or how hard it may seem. Just like Michael overcome all the obstacles in his way of achieving great things like becoming a pro football player.

As well as being a lesson filled movie, The Blind Side also has magnificent acting from all the actors and actresses. Sandra Bullock, award winning actress, won the hearts of many during this film. Her acting was so realistic you really are convinced that she is a rich mother from Tennessee. Critic Christopher Monfette states that, “Bullock offers a pitch-perfect performance as the typical Southern mother and despite navigating her most well-written role to date; she's aided considerably by Tim McGraw.” “Bullock turns in a terrific, ball-breaking performance” critic Kate Muir says. The actors and actresses work together to make it believable. Critic Christopher Monfette, impressed with the unity of Bullock and McGraw says, “Having played the abusive, emotionally distant football father in Friday Night Lights, McGraw plays Bullock's charmingly supportive husband with an understated charisma and utterly infectious charm. The pair feels like a genuine couple, a relationship cemented by the high quality of the kid's performances.” He goes on saying, “Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher is where the film ultimately lives or dies. This massive gentle-giant turns in a performance that'd be star-making were it not so specific.” “The performances are truthful and you're left fully invested not only in Michael, but in the Toughy's in general” comments critic Perri Nemiroff. One of my favorite quotes from this movie really shows the family they formed. The Tuohy family is having a family dinner, with Michael, when a conversation starts, “Sean Tuohy: We were wondering if you would like to become a part of this family. Michael Oher: I kinda thought I already was.” They really became a family in the movie as well as off camera.

From everything mentioned here, you can tell why I recommend this movie. It’s encouraging in many ways, well acted, and a memorable movie. After watching The Blind Side you will feel the urge to help those around who might be in need and to work on achieving your own goals no matter how hard they may seem. Laughter is guaranteed in this movie, as well as some crying. Next time you go to a DVD store, get The Blind Side, gather your friends and family around, and enjoy the movie! It’s a movie you don’t want to miss, because of its moral lessons and spectacular acting.

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