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The A-Team was one of the most entertaining films I have seen so far this year. No, it is no Schindler's List or The Pianist, but it is still a well-made movie from a certain perspective. This is by no means a film you want to see if you are looking for depth, but if you are looking for an action packed guy film, this is it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film with a couple other friends. All of the actors did a great job with their role. I was especially surprised by the UFC fighter, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's performance in the film. With all of the explosions and gun-porn in this film, it felt like this movie just pumped out testosterone into the theater, or maybe it was the Anadraulic State GT I took before hand! If you've been trying to get your fix for action, then look no further than the A-Team. It's a highly explosive film full of entertaining action scenes that will have you leaving the theater amped I give this film an eight out of ten and recommend that action-lovers go see it. If you are more interested in movies like When in Rome or The Notebook, this film will more than likely disappoint. However, if you are into Rambo, Terminator, and other films with paramount budgets for explosives, give A-Team a look.

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