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Vantage Point

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Since I’m not much of an acton movie person, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when it was announced that we would be watching the movie “Vantage Point” in English class. Those of you who have seen this movie know that the movie’s plot is an exciting mix of extreme action scenes, multiple points of view and surprising twists. This action flick comes with a price however; you won’t get much out of “Vantage Point” by staring at the screen with your mouth half-open. If you haven’t seen the movie, the simple structure of the story allows the audience the ability to spend less time figuring out the story, in exchange for the burden of keeping the movie’s ten-plus points of view straight. It may seem like more work than you’d like to put in to such a simple task as watching a movie, but after the first ten minutes of the movie you’ll be hooked and paying attention with ease. By putting a little effort in to paying attention to detail and remembering characters, you’ll thank yourself when the tidal wave of ending scenes brings all the characters’ points of view together for a shocking outcome.

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