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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Reviewed by ladylabhunter

very disappointed in the end result. was really mad i had spent the money to see it. read a day or so before they had "deviated"?? from the book. that was an understatement. this entry in the harry potter saga wasn't even close. i entered the hogwarts world late. my daughter got me hooked shortly after chamber of secrets. i became entranced by the writing and plotting in the series. jk rowlings is wonderful, i even bought tales of beedle the bard, so i could follow the references in half blood prince. there were several whoops in this movie, least of which was the exclusion of ron's older brothers, bill and fleur's romance, remus and nymphadora getting together, the prelude to the death of aragog and i could go on and on. for fans of the books, while there were deletions and additions in the previous movies, none were chopped up as badly as this one. my first thought after watching the whole thing was that yates should never be allowed to direct another hp film. yes, i know he is doing deathly hallows(both parts) and no, i am not looking forward to those anymore, either.

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