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Harry Potter saga is one of the most incredible movies adapted from a book, also in the movie, you can see the cinematic development thanks to its special effects.

it is the story of a boy whose name is Harry Potter. He has to fight with dark forces and their leader "Lord Voldemort" who he wants to destroy the union between the "muggles" (people without magical powers) and the wizards. The child is considered "the boy who lived" because he is the only person that has survived a killing curse and for this cause the death of Voldemort, who after a few years comes back to life to continue his mission. Harry and his friens, whom he met at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, try to distroy Voldemort and save the magical world.

In this saga, apart from the great fantastic and magic content, you can learn lessons, such as the power of true friendship, the love parents have for their children, the courage to face the obstacles that life imposes on people, and how you can accept death, a reality.

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