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Material Girls

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If you want to see a movie that is going to give you the urge to break your tv?
Watch this movie.

Material Girls became the fastest film to hit the #1 spot on's bottom 100.A list that emphathizes the worst voted movies of all time. The film currently has a 2.7/10 with a 7,564 votes.

Hilary Duff gives you a complete 100% dissapointment in this movie.
The girl has talent and in Material girls it all dissapeared completely.
I'm not sure if it was the acting or the characters.
But they're not relate-able.The sisters fight way too much it makes your head spin.The plot is put in a way that you feel like you've already seen the movie as it goes on.In other words,extremely predictable.They play sisters that are dumb girls that are dumb throughout the movie except until at the very end.when "Hilary's character" tries to act all smart because she solved the case.Which wasn;t vey hard to figure out.
You feel like smothering something after you watch their endless bickering.Which really never stops.You feel like you're in a G movie gone completely bad.

Not worth watching at all.
Sorry if it offended people that enjoyed this movie.
which i doubt anyone did.

Expected more from Hilary.She should've picked a better role.She's still an amazing actress,excluding that horrible nightmare.
Which almost made me change my mind.

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Super Size Me

Reviewed by laylerss123

What do you think of when that word crosses your mind?
Good food?Gross food?Cheap labor?Cheap animals?Fatning?Disturbing?Amazing?Favorite fast food?Should be shut down?

How about your health?
Well this is kind of what this documentary is about.
Mcdonalds products apparently do harm you more than you think.

The experiment was for a healthy regular american man to eat at Mcdonalds every single day 3 times a day.And each time a Cashier would ask him to Supersize,he would have to say yes.For a MONTH.With no exercise except walking.

So this guy has a camera crew watching him eat and see him go through all the affects it has on him.
well be ready to get schocked.
The man starts to have so many things wrong with him.
Anyways if you are feeling in the a documentary mood which doesn't happen often.
I reccomend this.
In a weird way it does keep you entertained.
All in all,it's put in a way that you can tell is realistic,informative,funny (in some ways),and just interesting.

It'll shock you good.

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Reviewed by laylerss123


So here's the thing.
If you've seen mummy 1 and 2 and you loved them,
you might be a little bit dissapointed with the third.
I personally enjoyed it,I laughed all the way through.
But because I had so many inside jokes in that movie from the 2 other previous movies.

Sure it'll make you laugh,
but when I was in the theatre the whole audience wasn't laughing much.Only some individuals.
(Most of them seemed to be adults)
And it's because even though the content is "PG-13" movie.
It feels like your in a little bit too "cheesy" PG movie.
Like in Wildhogs.
It feels like they make their jokes and put the plot in a way that makes you feel like they're kind of trying to dumb it down a little bit for you.

Not everyone may feel the same way about this.

I do have to say that they did have their history in the right place and that they didn't warp with it too much.
They kept the basics on the early part of the great wall.

The only problem I had were 4 things.
1.You can see right through the plot to the very end.
very Predictable.
2.The way the sci-fi stuff is thrown at you,it throws you kind off guard.
3.It's not the original wife(Rachel Weisz) from the previous 2 movies.
Which kind of dissapoints you.
And you kind of start to not like the actress(Maria Bello) that replaced her because she is sooo not like the Evelyn O'connel everyone fell in love with.
It kind of actually bothers you for a long portion of the movie.Though I do have to give her credit for doing a good performance.But it's just not the same at all.
4.When you find out that Zi Yuan is immortal,(you kind of already knew)Alex O'connel is like wtf???But looks past it.
And she's like "I can't stand to se you die"
Well anyways you're thinking awww they can't be together.
But then 5 minutes later her mom(who is also immortal)is all like you need to sacrifice your immortality(to defeat the mummy).
All I'm saying is that it got resolved too quickly before it was able to build up the emotion or intensity of it.

To wrap it all up.the movie ended cheesy.A good family cheesy.and it kind of gives you a hint that there is going to be a 4th one in Peru.
But anyways,I would say go see it if you'll past all of this.It's still enjoyable.I wouldn't say it'll be as good as the first two.But deffidently worth seeing what happens.Not worth at the movies,rent it at blockbuster when it comes out.
This is just what I thought.I think many people did enjoy it.But I know most didn't.Which is a shame.
If there is a 4th i'll go see it anyway.
Hope this helped.

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