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Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail

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Love can approach us from several different directions at any given time and be completely unexpected; this is exactly what happens to Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) as they are both on a quest to either save their business or start a new one and in the process manage to hate each other, but yet fall in love with one another as Kathleen Kelly is “Shopgirl” and Joe Fox is “NY152” in the 1998 James Berardinelli film “You’ve Got Mail”

Rated PG (due to mature scenes and some profane language) this film is viewable to most ages and is viewed as a Romantic, Comedy. While Kathleen plays the innocent “shopgirl” who is trying to save her family owned shop from the big bad competitor, she is also committing this online affair with this man that goes by “NY152” which turns out to be the very person she despises. Reaching for advice from one another without giving out any specifics began to make things get very sticky and hard to communicate, so what better to help out an ‘online” friend than to meet. “Shopgirl” and “NY152” decide to meet up but as he shows up he discovers the very woman he has fallen in Love with online is his very nemesis in the business world. He has a choice to make either leave her sitting there or show up and pretend to know nothing. After deciding that through his advice online he is the very one who created this “pill” as he states, and learns to deal with things as they get thrown at him. He now sets out on a quest to make Kathleen fall in Love with Joe and somehow forgive him for what he’s done.

During the process of Joe trying to make Kathleen fall in love with him the comedy really begins to kick in and really sticks to the guidelines of a Romantic Comedy, but all the meanwhile keeps the audience in suspense not knowing how in the world these two Lover/ Haters are ever going to end up together at last in the end. This movie filled with the combination of laughter and a sense of ‘Fight’ has become a classic love film, where the good is taken over by the bad but all the meanwhile the bad is being rescued by the good, a vicious circle of reality and fantasy, Love and Hate, and Business lives and personal lives.

If you like the hit movie Sleepless in Seattle then you will love this movie You’ve Got Mail. The same kind of interpretation can be used for both movies, in the aspect that they both use the media to further their relationships. In the movie Sleepless in Seattle Tom Hanks plays the roll of a single father whom just lost his wife to an illness, and uses a local radio station to discuss his status of relationships, and with the movie You’ve Got Mail Tom Hanks uses the media (news) to advertise his book company to advance his relationship with customers, and winds up getting closer to the woman he so despises. Both movies take the approach on love as if it is some mystical, one soul mate for eternity, magical thing. As you take a look at both movies you will find similarities as I have mentioned.

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