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Vantage Point

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Vantage Point is an exciting thriller based around the tragic shooting of the President of the United States and the different point of views that see the event happen. The First point of view is a news team covering the summit the President is attending and speaking at. They are directing where everyone should be then… a shot goes off and the president is shot. The next point of view is of a Secret Service Agent who attends especially to the President. He tries every way possible to find out what happened to the President and who the shooter is. Following is the point of view of a Policeman who is there to protect the Mayor of the city the summit is in. He provides the idea that no one can be trusted in panic, even enforcers of law. The next point of view is of an American visiting Europe for the first time to see the summit. He has a video camera that helps the Secret Service in finding the shooter. The point of view of the President is when everything starts to get everything wrapped up and concluded. There is very confusing, yet informative facts presented in this clips. This part will put you on a twist that does not end until the end of the movie. The final concluding point of view is told in the way of seeing it from all points of view and plays out the story as everything happens in real time. This brings a great conclusion to the end

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