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I feel ashamed to have paid to see this film

Reviewed by magesing

After watching this film I was disgusted that by paying the price of admission I had contributed to the success of this film.

This film is BAD, and not in the fun kitchy `B' movie way which can be entertaining.

The beginning of the film is somewhat tolerable as they set up the how and why of the coming catastropy, and then follows two hours of sheer torture as the writers seemed to try and string together as many cinematic cliches as possible.

In my opinion this film was doomed before any actor stepped in front of a green screen, or any computer animator meshed a crack in the earth. The writing is so bad that I am shocked and appalled it wasn't shredded on first reading.

Now, I can understand the project getting away from the director, and a terrible film being made. But I can't for the life of me understand how the studio watched the completed product and still decided to distribute it to theaters worldwide.

Hopefully my words of warning will convince at least two people who would otherwise have paid to go see this film to skip it. And then my conscience will be clear that I haven't contributed to the decline of cinema.

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