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This prequel/remake is a three star film; average. The original simply can't be surpassed. Rob Zombie's graphic version of Halloween has some insight into how a young child becomes a destructive masked murderer. Although it attempts to explain the actions of Michael, it takes away from the original persona of Michael. Not knowing exactly why he did what he did was disturbing and intriguing in its own twisted way. It made Michael more of a mystery and left the audience wondering and open to use their own imagination. In this version, you know why Michael is on a rampage, what his mission is and what he is capable of. It soon becomes quite ridiculous and the film seems to run on forever. This movie is simply the original with more scens, a new cast, a higher body count and an abundance of gore. This film has some moments where an audience member might say to themselves, "Oh, I remember this part from the original." Those few moments are enjoyable for only a moment. Unfortunately, this film doesn't really stand on it's own; it merely uses the original as a subordinate and attempts to tac on some last minute fluff. I won't go so far as to say seeing it is a waste of money, but it can certainly wait until it's released on DVD.

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