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A 50th Anniversary review – Skyfall

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The opening of the most awaited Bond movie in years, Skyfall.

I made a special trip to see the movie at the Manchester IMAX. This is one big screen. It is very impressive, almost too much to handle. I have seen IMAX movies before in the US at NASA. This was a treat. Now I wont give away the plot as many wont have seen it yet. However, my review is as follows. Skyfall. It has been some time since the last Bond movie, 2008 Quantum of Solace. The movie was always going to be a difficult one considering the story Fleming wrote. The new movie marks Daniel Craig’s third outing as Bond. He really does appear comfortable in the role and there is the 3rd movie effect. What is that one might ask. Well, I have a very personal thought about actor and actresses playing recurring roles. For some roles it can take three films to become comfortable, in my view.

Here Craig certainly makes you see more of Bond. There is an edge to him, a little darker but caring. As the 50th anniversary, this movie does give nods to the past as well as set the future. It is exciting, thoughtful, well constructed and gripping. It has twists. The villain has a real plan. At the end, your left wondering. One scene may take some a moment to figure out, but its classic. When I went to see the movie, I was excited. I had deliberately made sure I stayed away from seeing too much. I wanted to enjoy as much as I could. I did indeed. I will have to see it again. It will be interesting to watch Casino Royale now and see the changes.

This is a good movie. It is Craig’s best. 5 out 5.


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