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I went to go see this movie on a monday when the theater was empty with my mother and brother. My brother planned on sleeping through the movie but his eyes just couldn't seem to close. This movie shows you that Robert Pattinson can play a character besides Edward Cullen. Emilie De Ravin was great in the movie in my opinion. This movie has much more than a love story it also has a father-son story and it shows how much a brother actually can love his sister. The end of this movie really hit me. The ending left my mother and brother in tears and me, who hasn't cried in 2 years, and never even felt like crying over a movie, left me feeling like crying. This movie states the truth that some of us haven't thought about. Everyone, no matter how poor or rich you are, has a story. LOVED THE MOVIE!!! TOTALLY RECCOMEND IT!!!!

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