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Plot : Three teenagers about to graduate from high school try to have an amazing night and try to figure out their futures.

Story : How you grow to love the characters over the course of the movie is one of the films best aspects. It's story revolves around five characters Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Micheal Cera) as they try to get alchohal for a party they are invited to by girls they really like. Fogell - a friend of Seth and Evan who hangs out with some cops after he gets robbed while trying to buy alchohal with a fake ID , and then there are the cops Slater (Bill Hader) and Micheals (Seth Rogen) who just do outragous stuff for tons of laughs.

Humor : There are a lot more laugh out loud moments in here than subtle funny moments like Knocked Up - so if you were looking for an outragous comedy this year : you've found it.

Visuals : The movie also takes on a day to night cycle , since the whole thing takes place in one day : which really makes it that much better. Also , there are some other great visual moments for the movie.

Sypnosis : Hillarious antics with a big heart , you'll be hard pressed not to love it.

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