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I wanna rock!

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I wanna rock! What’s better than sitting in a movie theatre having Tom Cruise belt out the beautiful, powerful notes to some of the best songs that the 70s’ and 80s’? Well, a lot actually. “Rock of Ages” was a brilliant idea for a Broadway show, but seems to be a flop on the big screen. There are very few musicals that work for film — Hairspray being one of the best. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful movie filled with laughs, and some amazing vocalists. It’s the story where it really becomes lacklustre.

The story follows and small town girl, name Sherri (Houghe). She runs away to Los Angeles to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer like every other teenaged girl in that time. As she is on the bus, we find out that Sherri is a huge fan of rock and roll. She admires her LPs as the whole bus bursts into song. It’s rather charming actually. We then get introduced to our other main character. A young man named Drew who is working at the local rock club. Drew wishes to be a rockstar, but has a terrible case of stage fright. We are introduced to the hillarious Lonny (Brand), and the mellow Dennis (Baldwin). Dennis is the owner of the famous rock joint, the Bourbon. Sherri and Drew fall in love. Blah blah blah. Then the meat and potatoes of the film shows up. Stacee Jaxx. Tom Cruise plays a brilliant asshole as this man. Staccee is a rock god of the famous band Arsenal, and they are at the Bourbon to play their final show before Staccee and his ego go solo. Sherri gets moist, as do a bunch of other girls; and a few guys for that matter. Somewhere in this mix there’s some Rolling Stones reporter thrown in, and the Mayor’s wife. They all come together perfectly, but the story still feels a little short, and unexplored. It’s charming to see them all unite for one final song at the end, and you really feel like these actors could be awesome singers.

I wanted to love this movie. I loved the Broadway show, so naturally, I was super excited for the movie. The whole experience just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was the fact that everyone sounded a little auto tuned. Or maybe the all star cast just didn’t live up to my predictions. I have no idea. None the less, this is an enjoyable movie if you’re not going in to it with high hopes. It is very cheesy, and cliche, but that’s why it works. Rock and roll will never die. We built this city of rock and roll.

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