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Excellent story and acting, poor technical advice

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As noted above, the screenplay was well written and the acting was excellent, but the background technical aspects were so over-done and un-realistic that they took away from the movie's over-all potential. Throughout the movie, emergency vehicles were routinely parked within 10 feet or less of the track as the train careened through. Evacuations of vehicles and people were being conducted along both sides of the track within a few feet of the tracks, with no time to lose, while background cross traffic was without urgency, crossing and driving away from the tracks where the evacuated had just come from. On an elevated railyard shot, firefighters were standing next to the track talking to each other, then as the train roared throught within 10 feet of them, they never evened turned to look at it. Add to this, the news helicopters repeatedly dogfighting over the engine to get the best shot, and the obligatory helicopter, ridiculously bobbing just on the other side of the train cars on the ground level side shots, and it was just to much for me. Perhaps this lack of realism is not a major concern by the massive amount of ticket buyers who are going to make this movie a huge box office success, but it certainly was a detrimental off-set to the great acting and storyline.

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