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land of the fun

Reviewed by mydinoman123

this dvd was very amazing

i could not stop watch this dvd

that part i like the must is when the t.rex comes friends with a human

but hang on a t.rex was to hunt and kill its pray not let a human ride on it :O


i just wish i had my own t.rex pet if i did i would call it Rexe.

and i would ride on it as well ^^

but it will be hard to sit on one like because the way of the body is made.

but for that man he was very lucky to have a friendly t.rex with him to fight them aliens.

i hope people will buy this funny dvd that's if you are a dinosaur fan like me :)

i am rating this film a 5/5

sound and effects 5/5

actors 5/5

story line and plot 5/5

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release the terror of the Loch less terror

Reviewed by mydinoman123

I watched this film last night it was really amazing on what it showed.

the story really stud out nice and the special effects was a big hit to me.

the loch ness was very big and huge all the actors played very well and how there preformed in the film.

I would say that I liked the part when that girl in the forest got her head eat of by the the Loch ness monster ;D UN lucky for her like lol.

I am going to rate this film a 5/5 for the best Terror film.

Film rating 5/5

for its best Terror film

Story and plot line 5/5

the film really did stand out

special effects 5/5

the Loch ness monster looked so really I even had a dream about this film


the actors played very well in the film

I would highly recommended this film to people who are looking for a Terror film

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a truly Miracle story

Reviewed by mydinoman123

this was a very lovely film and i will have to say its got to be the best film i ever seen in my life.

the part i loved about ii is where nearly every one was trying there best to help free them whales from the ice.

but i really did feel sorry to here that baby die :(

but i am very glad that the Russian's helped the whales to get out of the ice and in to the open seas.

big Miracle is the must best and heart loving film ever.

i would 100% recommended this big Miracle true story film to a family and schools and friends.

my start rating

film rating 10/10

this film will make you watch it again.

acting/directing 10/10

this film had a really best acting i will have to say.

special effects 10/10

i don't know what to say about the special effects.


the film went well.

it really dose take you to some amazing scenes like the part where you can see how the big Miracle whales fight for there lifes to freedom with some help from people who care about them.

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